Therapy is tough- Let us make it fun! 

Therapeutic Horseback Riding (TR)

Our students work with a team of PATH-certified instructors, trained volunteers, and steadfast horses to foster their functionality and independence. Personal confidence, emotional growth, and behavioral accountability are only a few of the developments that are facilitated through therapeutic riding. Skills such as balance, muscle control, flexibility, and attention are advanced through various riding activities and horsemanship responsibilities.

Vocational training

As The HEART Center's students grow older there comes a need and a want for specialized training and education. We are filling that need with a number of different vocational programs that will allow students to go through an extensive training course built to get them ready to enter the work-force. Oh, and we just so happen to have some of those business opportunities right here in house!

Enrichment Camps

The H.E.A.R.T. Center offers a variety of inclusive camp opportunities over winter and summer breaks. At its core, our camp is therapy based. We provide a highly trained team to put the fun back into your child's break, while creating an individualized therapeutic plan for each camper that incorporates your child's goals in a positive and unique way. 

Recreational Therapy

Helping individuals maintain physical, social, cognitive and emotional well being through the use of community based activity interventions. We provide the therapist that can help turn your Childs preferred world, into the perfect therapeutic environment and we just might be able to introduce them to some amazing new opportunities along the way!

Have questions regarding our programs or pricing? You can contact us here or by calling 480-584-6151.